OMG! They are now officially our biggest fan and customer. Thanks ya’ll!  Go see them in Sarasota and Naples!

4 thoughts on “Oh My Gauze! & Ficklesticks!

  1. Just bought my first necklace love love love ! Oh My Gauze in Sarasota FL will they be in Lake Geneva Wis ?

    1. Go to our retailer’s page and check out the stores in Wisconsin that carry Ficklesticks. But Oh My Gauze in Lake Geneva does not carry Ficklesticks.

  2. I cannot get enough!! I have 8 necklaces!! I shop oh my gauze at St Armand’s circle…I am hooked on ficklesticks!! We need more earrings at this location..

  3. I have opened a new shop in Palm Springs, CA called Bungalow 17 Studio. located in an historic bungalow in the LaPlaza district downtown. I carry OhMyGauze! and I have several of your Fickelstick necklaces (gumball and pinwheels) and was wondering if I could get some of your necklaces/earrings for the shop. I also have a lady making her jewelry in the shop and she could perhaps make Fickelsticks from your kits too. please advise on how we could get either pre made or kits and have the fabric jewelry there for the OhMyGauze line! I love wearing my necklace with the brightly colored Bunny style of OMG!. Thanks…Kris Weinshilboum

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