New Ficklesticks at Fawbush’s

One of our favorite customers just got a big new order of Ficklesticks! We sure appreciate their continued support of our crazy fabric and wire jewelry ( with bungee cords, rubber tubing and hair elastics!) . Go see what’s new if you are going to Edina, MN or Minneapolis anytime soon!

5 thoughts on “New Ficklesticks at Fawbush’s

  1. have loved my two pieces of your jewelry –dragon fly necklace and the black and white gum ball necklace–people stop me everywhere to ask where I got them–cannot wait till my new ones arrive.

    Do you still have the dragon fly necklace?

    1. Yes. But not on the retail web site. Are you getting yours from Fawbush’s? Ask them to order one for you.

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