Sales Reps




Martha Geis
World Trade Center Room 13696
2050 Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX 75207
P 210-822-7587
F 210-824-9151
Melody Fast Sales
110 E. 9th St. Suite A313
Los Angeles, CA 90079
P 213-627-3663
F 213-627-3664
Althea & David
Americasmart 3
250 Spring Street Suite 11E108
Atlanta, GA 30303
Ted Morris
105 Redwood Circle Latrobe, Pennsylvania 15650
Phyllis Gelb
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Suite 1225
Chicago, IL 60654

6 thoughts on “Sales Reps

  1. Am I missing something here I have a necklace well it’s a fiklestick jewels handmade in littlerock arkansas whatbin2ant to know what I am missing because these are made of fabric and som3 cost more then gold so what is it about these little pieces if fabric tide in knots on putnon a.plastic rope that makes people want to spend 80 dollars on I won’t but someone did for me to get this one I think it’s a huge waste of money we could spend this on the hungry or something

    1. Agree. We support three hungry families with this product, not to mention contributing to feed numerous suppliers such as printers, fabric stores, office suppliers and customers such as ladies boutiques, museums, quilt shops, and the reps that gather the orders. We also sell kits and instructions to make your own. Try it.

    2. If the pieces are made in America, you are paying for folks to have living wages ! There is nothing more lovely than that! We all should earn our worth.

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