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Ficklesticks were born in a cozy garden-view basement workshop in San Francisco, California, in 2007 just before the mortgage meltdown.

I mention this because I was actually working as a real estate agent. Things were not going well at all. So I wrote a book about Ficklesticks and it was published by C&T Publishing, a well-known quilt book publisher in Northern California.

It seems so hilarious now that I look back on that time. My royalties amounted to less than one San Francisco-sized mortgage payment,  all told, but it did launch me in a way. I started teaching at quilt shops, and selling at quilt festivals.

Then, curiously, after 20 years of being single I got married again and moved back to Little Rock, Arkansas. At that point I orchestrated the long and rather painful metamorphosis of Ficklesticks from a craft idea into a jewelry-making company. We now have more than 300 boutiques and galleries ordering from us  and quilters and others still buying at quilt festivals and online.
To keep up with demand, my  crew of artisans and I work full-time sewing tiny strips of gorgeous pieced fabrics into tubes that are turned right-side out and filled with wire. These are then maneuvered into beads, flowers, and medallions and combined with bungee cords, potholder loops, elastic bands, and finally, they’re dusted with magic and sent on their way!
Martha and Abe are the backbone of Ficklesticks. Sewing in their own workshops, they are my Ficklesticks makers. Using their design skills in combining fabric they sew up beautiful sticks working from a complicated work order with the color-saturated and stylized printed fabrics I find for them.
Jessica keeps the main workshop whipped into shape, does all the mailing and helps me put all the jewelry together. John, the long-suffering husband, is the bookkeeper and  makes sure everybody gets paid on time, including the tax man.

So, as you see, five people in Little Rock count on our customers for a living. We also support in part our suppliers, our web designer, our retailers, the US Mail,  and our representatives out selling Ficklesticks to the stores. Thank you very much for your support.

You may order direct through this website, search for us at your favorite fashion retailer,  email us at ficklesticksfabricjewels@gmail.com or call us at 415-690-0090. Ask for Diana, the ex real estate lady. 

28 thoughts on “The Story of Ficklesticks ~ Fabric + Wire + Magic

    1. This basket is now serving as my in basket at my desk, without the shredded junk mail and fabric scraps. The posies are made by twisting the ficklesticks around the smallest straw in the Turn it All.

    2. I have your wonderful fun book and love making pieces from it. My question is where to find 16″ to 18″ bungee cords?

  1. I purchased a gumball necklace and love it! I saw a woman wearing one in all black and wondered if I could order one. Please let me know.

  2. This October while on vacation out east I found the Fresh Produce Sportswear store in Asheville. On display was a cute top to wear with jeans with one of your whimsical, happy necklaces. I couldn’t resist the whole shebang. Puts me in a good mood even when I just look at my new necklace.

    I wish I had gotten on your website while on vacation in NC, VA, PA, TN, I would have driven my husband of 51 years nuts trying to find the other retailers. Ha ha
    We need a retailer here in Ft. Smith, Ar.


    1. These necklaces are just adorable!!!! Saw them in a Pawleys Island shop and just loved them!!! You are VERY creative Diane!!!

  3. I have purchased some of your jewelry from Martha Geist and would like to order more for my shop. Do you have a way I can place an order online? I would like a catalog also.

  4. Hi Diana! I am looking to do a few necklaces for fall but in the Midwest we really do not do the brights in fall. I love the corkscrew necklace. Is there a way to do them with more autumnal colors??
    Dark red, cranberry, olive or dark green, Browns, burnt orange, etc……
    Are there any other necklaces that “read” fall??
    Hope all is well, Terri

  5. I collect millefiori jewelry hand-blown in Venice, and was thrilled when I found one of your fabric neclaces called millefiori. I love it. You are so imaginative. Thank you!

    Naples, Florida

  6. I ordered the loopy necklace and have never had so many comments on a necklace! Is it available in all black, black and white or black and tan?

  7. I purchased my first starter kit at the Houston show. I would like to make some Cross pendants. Does anyone have any pointers?

  8. We have worked over the web site so it should be working better. Let me know if you find any problems.

  9. We have a new source of wire and now our Starter Kits contain 50 pieces of 36″ wire instead of 30 pieces. Same price!

  10. I purchased your Ficklesticks Fabric Jewels Starter Kit at the Houston Int’l Quilt show in Fall 2016. You showed me how to use it, but I can’t remember how you did it. Also, I’m having trouble with the written instructions. Do you have a video or can I call you and you can walk me through it again? Thanks, I’m eager to make some of these.,

  11. I recently purchased a starter kit and am having fun making gum balls. However, I can’t find anything like the tiny PVC tubing you used. Can you tell me a source, please?

    1. Hobby Lobby has five yard packages called Pony Bead Lacing. Maybe we should offer some on our web site.

      1. It would be great if you could offer it on your site. I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, and in checking their website, they don’t have this in black. Thank you for your prompt response.

  12. I have several of your necklaces and I want one that is navy and red, possibly with white, but in the style of a choker with leaves, vine-like. If you have a site where I can send a photo, I will.

    1. Looks like C&T Publishing took down their page. I am sure that you can get a copy on Amazon or EBAY. Our Primer has more up-to-date information but fewer photos. A lot has changed in the 15 years since that book was written.

  13. I want to thank you for your wonderful creations that inspired me to buy a kit and attempt to make a few pieces of jewelry!
    During this time of making face masks, I discovered the wire for the
    Ficklesticks was perfect for the nose piece! Thank you again for the
    multi use product! I miss seeing you at the Paducah shows.

  14. I used to live in Little Rock & was dazzled by your Ficklesticks! Imagine my surprise & delight when I saw your gumball necklaces for sale at a posh hotel gift shop in Connecticut!!
    I would love to know how to make the gumballs, just for fun.
    Is a tutorial available?

    Again, my compliments!

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